Howdy, this is the offical web resource for me, Frank Felfe.

I'm a 36 years old guy living in Leinfelden near Stuttgart/Germany with passion in (computer) science and (rock'n'roll) music. At day I work at the COR&FJA AG developing life insurance management software.
During my spare time I like to follow my interests in music, movies, free software and science especially computer science, mathematics and physics. At my notoriously outdated and incomplete website INNER-SPACE you can find more detailed information about single projects of me.

Headhunters and stalkers are welcomed to read my resume.

Frank Felfe

  • In order to lern more about fractals and the underlying math I wrote the Java fractal explorer named Benojt. While it is very basic it has nice features for navigation. But the killer feature is the creation of new fractals at runtime from templates by just typing some fractal formula.
  • I'm an old fan of the Hextris game, a Tetris based on hexagons. When I couldn't find an implementation which I liked, I had to write my very own hextris in Java. Check out the Hextris homepage where you can find start-links, binaries & source code and the current high score list.
  • I used to contribute to the vector drawing application Sodipodi. The project seems to be abandoned now but a fork of it called Inkscape is very much alive and undoubtedly the best vector drawing application out there for Linux.
  • I wrote an online questionaire in PHP for a friend who used it to aquire data for his diploma thesis. You may download the source if you like.
science During my study of Computer Science and Mathematics and the following research work at the Technical University of Dresden my main interest were Algebra/Colagebra, Logic, Computability & Category Theroy.


  • F. Felfe Coalgebraic Representation of the Java Card Viartual Machine in PVS. Diplomarbeit, Fakultät Informatik,TU-Dresden, März 2001 (download: ps)
  • F. Felfe, H. Reichel Why partial coalgebras ?. In M. Wirsing, D. Pattinson, and R. Hennicker, editors, WADT 2002, Technical Report 0207, pages 4-7. Institut für Informatik, LMU München, 2002 (download: ps; extended version ps)
  • F. Felfe An Approach to Computable Coalgebras based on Recursive Functions. Technical Report TUD-FI05-02, Fakultät Informatik,TU-Dresden, Januar 2005 (download: ps, pdf)
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